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Am I Blue?

Lyrivs ,Music:Harry Akst ,Grant Clarke

The song was publishe 1929.

"Am I Blue?" is a song written by Harry Akst and Grant Clarke in 1929,
and was a big hit that year for Ethel Waters in the movie "On with the Show."

It has become a standard and has been covered by numerous artists.

On with the Show 

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman,
Waiting on the weary shore.
I'm just a woman who's only human,
One you should feel sorry for.

Well, I woke up this morning a long about dawn.
Without a warning I found that he was gone.
How did he do it? Why could he do it?
He'd never done it before.

Am I blue. Am I blue.
Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you?
Am I blue? You'd be, too,
If each plan with your man done fell through.

There was a time I was his only one.
But now I'm the sad and lonely one.

Was I gay 'til today?
But now that man is gone,
He's gone and we are through.
Am I blue.

Ethel Waters(Am I Blue?)
Ethel Waters

Billie Holiday(Am I Blue?) 
Billie Holiday

Connie Francis(Am I Blue?) 
Connie Francis

Barbara Rosene(Am I Blue?)
Barbara Rosene

Parke Frankenfield(Am I Blue?) 
Parke Frankenfield

Ethel Waters

Billie Holiday

Connie Francis

Barbara Rosene

Linda Ronstadt

Annette Hanshaw

Bette Midler

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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