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We'll Be Together Again

Lyrics:Frankie Laine
Music:Carl T. Fischer

The song was publishe 1945.

Fischer was Laine's pianist and musical director
when he composed the tune, and Laine was asked to write a lyric for it.
The Pied Pipers were the first to release the song, and as well as Laine,
it has since been recorded by such notable vocalists as Billie Holiday,
Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and Tony Bennett.

No tears, no fears,
Remember there's always tomorrow
So what if we have to part,
We'll be together again

Your kiss, your smile,
Are memories I'll treasure forever
So try thinking with your heart,
We'll be together again

Times when I know you'll be lonesome,
Times when I know you'll be sad
Don't let temptation surround you,
Don't let the blues make you bad

Someday, someway,
We both have a lifetime before us
For parting is not good-bye,
We'll be together again

Billie Holiday(We'll Be Together Again)
Billie Holiday

Lena Horne(We'll Be Together Again)
Lena Horne

Frank Sinatra(We'll Be Together Again)
Frank Sinatra

Carmen McRae(We'll Be Together Again) 
Carmen McRae

Dianne Reeves(We'll Be Together Again)
Dianne Reeves

Billie Holiday

Lena Horne

Frank Sinatra

Carmen McRae

Dianne Reeves

Ella Fitzgerald

Anita O'Day

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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