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Mean to Me

Lyrics:Roy Turk
Music:Fred E. Ahlert

The song was publishe 1929.

The song is a popular standard, recorded by many artists.
The first singer to record this song was Annette Hanshaw in 1929.

In a biographical film of Ruth Etting,
"Love Me or Leave Me"(1955),Doris Day sang the song.

You're mean to me
Why must you be mean to me?
Gee, baby, it seems to me
You'd love to see me cryin'

I don't know why I stay home
Each night when you say that you'll phone
You don't, and I'm left alone
Singin' the blues 'n' cryin'

You treat me coldly
Each day in the year
You always scold me
Whenever somebody is near

It must be
Great fun to be mean to me
You shouldn't 'cause can't you see what you mean to me?

You treat me coldly every day in the year
And you always scold me whenever somebody is near

Gee, it must be
Great fun to be mean to me
You shouldn't 'cause can't you see what you mean to me?

Ella Fitzgerald(Mean to Me)
Ella Fitzgerald

Julie London(Mean to Me)
Julie London

Billie Holiday(Mean to Me)
Billie Holiday

Doris Day(Mean to Me)
Doris Day

Annette Hanshaw(Mean to Me)
Annette Hanshaw

Ella Fitzgerald & Oscar Peterson

Julie London

Billie Holiday

Doris Day

Annette Hanshaw

Sarah Vaughan

Anita O'Day

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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