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The Touch of Your Lips

Lyrics ,Music:Ray Noble

The song was publishe 1936.

It's a kinda older song.
Ray Noble wrote it in 1936
and the song was originally sung by Al Bowlly.

When troubles get me, cares beset me
And won't let me go,
I turn to you for consolation.
There I find new peace of mind;
To leave behind my woe
I turn to you as I shall always do.

The touch of your lips upon my brow,
Your lips that are cool and sweet,
Such tenderness lies in their soft caress,
My heart forgets to beat.

The touch of your hands upon my head,
The love in your eyes ashine,
And now, at last, that moment divine,
The touch of your lips on mine.

Nat “King” Cole(The Touch of Your Lips)
Nat “King” Cole

Tony Bennett(The Touch of Your Lips)
Tony Bennett

Bing Crosby(The Touch of Your Lips)
Bing Crosby

Pat Boone & The Gordon Jenkins Orchestra(The Touch of Your Lips)
Pat Boone & The Gordon Jenkins Orchestra

Sarah Vaughan(The Touch of Your Lips)
Sarah Vaughan

Nat “King” Cole

Bill Evans (piano) with Tony Bennett (vocal)

Bing Crosby

Sarah Vaughan

Gloria Lynne

Calabria Foti

Irene Kral

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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