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Where Do You Start?

Lyrics ,Music:Marilyn Bergman, Johnny Mandel, Alan Bergman

The song was publishe 1987.

It's a lovely ballad written by Johnny Mandel and Mr. & Mrs Bergman.
The song is the one of those I'd love to sing along recently;
but the lyrics are a bit too long to put in my mind.
Being written in 1987,
but I couldn't finish to investigate the story of the song;
for whom or for what show the song was produced.
As I saw a certain page in the web scripted
that it was for Joe Williams or Sinatra.
But it isn't sure after searching them for a lots of hours.
If somebody up here would know more, please teach me.

Where do you start?
How do you separate the present from the past?
How do you deal with all the things you thought
Would last that didn¡Çt last?
With bits of memories scattered here and there
I look around and don¡Çt know where to start

Which books are yours?
Which tapes and dreams belong to you and which are mine?
Our lives are tangled like the branches
Of a vine that intertwine
So many habits that we¡Çll have to break
And yesterdays we¡Çll have to take apart

One day there¡Çll be a song or something in the air again
To catch me by surprise and you¡Çll be there again
A moment in what might have been

Where do you start?
Do you allow yourself a little time to cry?
Or do you close your eyes and kiss it all goodbye?
I guess you try
And though I don¡Çt know where
And don¡Çt know when
I¡Çll find myself in love again
I promise there will always be
A little place no on will see
A tiny part within my heart
That stays in love with you

Barbra Streisand(Where Do You Start?)
Barbra Streisand

Nancy LaMott(Where Do You Start?)
Nancy LaMott

Sophie Milman(Where Do You Start?)
Sophie Milman

Shirley Horn(Where Do You Start?)
Shirley Horn

Tony Bennett(Where Do You Start?)
Tony Bennett

Barbra Streisand

Nancy LaMott

Sophie Milman

Shirley Horn

Tony Bennett

Brad Mehldau Trio

Francesca Tandoi Trio

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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