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Prelude to a Kiss

Lyrics:Irving Gordon ,Irving Mills
Music:Duke Ellington

The song was publishe 1938.

It's one of the most famous tunes by Ellington.
Today, 24th, May is death day of Duke Ellington:
Thus I'd like to listen the song very sincerely.

If you hear a song in blue
Like a flower crying for the dew
That was my heart serenading you
My prelude to a kiss

And if you hear a song that grows
From my tender sentimental woes
That was my heart trying to compose
A prelude to a kiss

Though it's just a simple melody
With nothing fancy, nothing much
You could turn it to a symphony
A Schubert tune with a Gershwin touch

Oh, how my love song gently cries
For the tenderness within your eyes
My love is a prelude that never dies
A prelude to a kiss

Ella Fitzgerald(Prelude to a Kiss)
Ella Fitzgerald

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Sarah Vaughan

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Billie Holiday

Alicia Keys(Prelude to a Kiss)
Alicia Keys

Morgana King(Prelude to a Kiss)
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Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughan

Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra

Alicia Keys

Esperanza Spalding

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Sophie Milman

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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Thank you

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