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Fine and Dandy

Lyrics:Paul James
Music:Kay Swift

The song was publishe 1930.

The song was introduced in the musical of the same name in 1930,
and has since become a pop and jazz standard.
A take-off using the same chord structure but a different melodic line
was recorded by Woody Herman and called "Keen and Peachy".
Barbra Streisand recorded it in 1964 for her album, People.

Please forgive this platitude
But I like your attitude
You are just the kind I've had in mind
Never could find
Honey, I'm so keen on you
I could come to lean on you
On a random bay give you your way
Do what you say

Gee, it's all fine and dandy
Sugar candy
When I've got you

Then I only see the sunny side
Even trouble has it's funny side

When you're gone, my sugar candy
I get so lonesome, I get so blue
But when you're handy
It's fine and dandy
But when you're gone
What can I do?

Bing Crosby(Fine and Dandy)
Bing Crosby

Debbie Reynolds(Fine and Dandy)
Debbie Reynolds

Barbra Streisand(Fine and Dandy)
Barbra Streisand

Peggy Lee(Fine and Dandy)
Peggy Lee

Doris Day(Fine and Dandy)
Doris Day

Barbra Streisand

Peggy Lee

Doris Day

Anita O' Day

Dorsey Brothers

Mel Tormé

Lorez Alexandria

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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