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Last Night When We Were Young

Lyrics:Yip Harburg
Music:Harold Arlen

The song was publishe 1935.

Arlen regarded it as the favourite of the songs that he had written.

"Last Night When We Were Young" was highly regarded by Judy Garland,
who recorded it twice, and frequently performed it.
Composer Alec Wilder called it a "most remarkable
and beautiful song" that "goes far beyond the boundaries of popular music."
Continuing, he stated that "[i]t is unlike any other Arlen song that I have heard.
However, it is unmistakably his."
Harburg did not know where he acquired the title, saying,
"the juxtaposition of those two phrases is almost a whole world of philosophy".

Last night when we were young
Love was a star
A song unsung

Life was so new
So real so right
Ages ago last night

Today the world is old
You flew away and time grew cold
Where is that star
That seems so bright
Ages ago last night

To think that spring had depended
On merely this a look, a kiss

To think that something so splended
Could slip away in one little daybreak

So now let's reminisce and recollect the sighs and the kisses
The arms that clung
When we were young last night

Frank Sinatra(Last Night When We Were Young)
Frank Sinatra

Tony Bennett(Last Night When We Were Young)
Tony Bennett

Carmen McRae(Last Night When We Were Young)
Carmen McRae

Peggy Lee(Last Night When We Were Young)
Peggy Lee

Sarah Vaughan(Last Night When We Were Young)
Sarah Vaughan

Frank Sinatra

Tony Bennett

Carmen McRae

Peggy Lee

Sarah Vaughan

Judy Garland

Tommy Flanagan - Piano
Helen Merrill – Vocal

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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