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Namely You

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Gene de Paul

The song was publishe 1956.

The song was written for a musical "Li'l Abner"
(1956), that was also released a film version in 1959.

It's such a nice song, of cause.

Li'l Abner

You deserve a girl who's willin', namely me.
One who'd love to raise your chillun, namely me.
Standing there in the door-way waiting at the close of day.
With you all the way, to love, honor and obey.

You deserve two arms to hold you, namely mine.
There to comfort and enfold you, rain or shine.
I deserve someone strong and handsome, bashful and shy and true.
And I know just the one who'll do, namely you.

Who's the one you're waiting for?
You're the one that I adore!
I deserve someone sweet and tender, bashful and shy and true.
And I know just the one who'll do, namely you.

You deserve someone good lookin', namely me
Someone who as yet ain't tooken, namely me
Come the day I no longer batchel, natur'ly I'll be true
And who could I be truest to? Namely you.

Carmen McRae(Namely You)  
Carmen McRae

Joanie Sommers(Namely You)
Joanie Sommers

Nat “King” Cole(Namely You)
Nat “King” Cole

Diana Dors(Namely You) 
Diana Dors

Edith Adams & Peter Palmer(Namely You)
Edith Adams & Peter Palmer

Carmen McRae

Joanie Sommers

Nat “King” Cole

Diane Dors with the Wally Stott Orchestra

Edith Adams & Peter Palmer

Don Cherry

Marlene VerPlanck

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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