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Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue)

Lyrics:Irving Caesar
Music:Vincent Youmans

The song was publishe 1927.

The song was published in 1927 and introduced in the Broadway musical
Hit the Deck, starring Stanley Holloway, and opened in April, 1927.
The song was performed in the musical by Charles King
and Louise Groody, who also made a recording for Victor Records,
catalog number 20609.
The best-selling versions were
by King and Groody and by Roger Wolfe Kahn (with vocal by Franklyn Baur),
also issued by Victor (catalog number 20599).
Two other versions, a duet by Baur and Gladys Rice on Columbia Records (catalog number 998-D)
and a vocal by Vaughn De Leath on Brunswick Records (catalog number 3608)
also had a significant degree of popularity.

Hit the Deck

Sometimes I'm happy,
Sometimes I'm blue.
My disposition
Depends on you.

I never mind
The rain from the sky
If I can find
The sun in your eyes.

Sometimes I love you,
Sometimes I hate you.
But when I hate you,
It's 'cause I love you.

That's how I am
So what can I do?
I'm happy when I'm with you.

June Christy(Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue))
June Christy

Nat “King” Cole(Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue))
Nat “King” Cole

Lena Horne(Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue))
Lena Horne

Doris Day(Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue))
Doris Day

Dinah Washington(Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue))
Dinah Washington

June Christy

Nat “King” Cole

Lena Horne

Doris Day

Dinah Washington

Sarah Vaughan

Billie Holiday

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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