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My Blue Heaven

Lyrics:George A. Whiting
Music:Walter Donaldson

The song was publishe 1924.

The song is one of the oldest standards,
It was published in 1927 and in 1928 became a huge hit
sung by Gene Austin.

The music for "My Blue Heaven" was written in 1924:
"Donaldson wrote it one afternoon at the Friars Club in New York
while waiting for his turn at the billiard table."
The song was written while Donaldson was under contract to Irving Berlin,
working for Berlin's publishing company, Irving Berlin Inc.
George Whiting wrote lyrics adapted for Donaldson's music,
and for a while, performed it in his vaudeville act; three years later,
Tommy Lyman started singing it on the radio as his theme song.

Day is ending, birds are wending
Back to the shelter of
Each little nest they love
Nightshades falling, lovers calling
What makes the World go round
Nothing but love

Whippoorwills call, evenin' is nigh
Hurry to my Blue Heaven
Turn to the right, there's a little white light
Will lead you to my, my Blue Heaven

You'll see a smiling face, a fireplace, a cozy room
Little nest that's nestles where the roses bloom

Molly and me, and the baby makes three
We're happy in my, in my Blue Heaven

You're gonna see a smilin' face, fireplace, cozy room
And a little nest, nestled where the roses bloom

Just Molly and me, and the baby is three
We're so happy in my Blue Heaven
We're happy in my Blue Heaven
We're happy in my Blue Heaven!

(Sinatra adds)"One thing's certain we ain't blue in My Blue Heaven!"

Gene Austin(My Blue Heaven)
Gene Austin

Betty Owens(My Blue Heaven)
Betty Owens

Lena Horne(My Blue Heaven)
Lena Horne

Doris Day(My Blue Heaven)
Doris Day

Frank Sinatra(My Blue Heaven)
Frank Sinatra

Gene Austin

Betty Owens

Lena Horne

Doris Day

Frank Sinatra

Norah Jones

The Platters

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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