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The End of a Love Affair

Lyrics ,Music:Edward C. Redding

The song was publishe 1950.

You know there was a novel that had almost the same title as the song.
It's "The End of the Affair" by Graham Greene.
When I heard the song by Sinatra (c. 1956), I think the Greene's books
(in Japanese) were at the book-store already.
But the song was published in 1950, that was older than Greene's 1951.
I am never going to say anything that the song had influenced Greene:
However, I guess something like that might have inspired
for the title at some rate.
When I heard the song Sinatra sang then,
it didn't sound me in my mind, it's true.
But in fact, the song is named "The End of a Love Affair."

I'm seeking someone for advice
The situation isn't very nice
I've found myself completely at a lost
My heart and not my mind is base..

So I walk a little too fast
And I drive a little too fast
And I'm reckless it's true,
But what else can you do
At the End of a love affair?

So I talk a little too much,
And I laugh a little too much
And my voice is too loud,
When I'm out in a crowd
So that people are apt to stare.

Do they know, do they care,
That it's only
That I'm lonely and low as can be?
And the smile on my face isn't really a smile at all.

So I smoke a little too much,
And I drink a little too much
And the tunes I request
Are not always the best
But the ones where the trumpets blare.

So I go at a maddening pace,
And I pretend that it's taking her place
But what else can you do,
At the end of a love affair?

Billie Holiday(The End of a Love Affair)
Billie Holiday

Chris Connor(The End of a Love Affair)
Chris Connor

Della Reese(The End of a Love Affair)
Della Reese

Nat “King” Cole(The End of a Love Affair)
Nat “King” Cole

Frank Sinatra(The End of a Love Affair)
Frank Sinatra

Billie Holiday

Chris Connor

Della Reese

Nat “King” Cole

Frank Sinatra

Julie London

Laura Fygi

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

My poor blog this week week term relationship with top
Thank you

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