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It's Magic

Lyrics:Sammy Cahn
Music:Jule Styne

The song was publishe 1947.

The song was introduced by Doris Day in her film debut,
Romance on the High Seas
(known in the United Kingdom as It's Magic after the song),
and was published in 1947.
Versions which made the Billboard magazine charts in 1948
were recorded by Doris Day, Tony Martin, Dick Haymes, Gordon MacRae,
and Sarah Vaughan.
It was nominated for a Best Song Oscar in 1948,
losing to "Buttons and Bows."

Romance on the High Seas

You sigh, the song begins,
You speak and I hear violins,
It's magic
The stars desert the skies
And rush to nestle in your eyes,
It's magic

Without a golden wand or mystic charms,
Fantastic things begin when I am in your arms

When we walk hand-in-hand,
The world becomes a wonderland,
It's magic
How else can I explain
Those rainbows when there is no rain?
It's magic

Why do I tell myself
These things that happen are all really true
When in my heart I know
The magic is my love for you?

Doris Day(It's Magic)
Doris Day

Keely Smith(It's Magic)
Keely Smith

Cassandra Wilson(It's Magic)  
Cassandra Wilson

Abbey Lincoln(It's Magic) 
Abbey Lincoln

Dinah Washington(It's Magic)
Dinah Washington

Doris Day

Keely Smith

Abbey Lincoln

Dinah Washington

Della Reese

Dean Martin

Sarah Vaughan

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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