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When Sunny Gets Blue

Lyrics:Marvin Fisher
Music:Jack Segal

The song was publishe 1956.

Bruce that was sung by December 1956 Nat “King” Cole.
Following year to use Johnny Mathis as the debut song, it is chart-in.
Original Seagull and Fisher at the time of the woman idle,
it was a song that was written in New York for Sunny Gale,
is rejected by the fact that the image does not match,
it is brought to Chicago who are purposely of call,
eight in one year singer of the people I've hit enough to recording.

When Sunny gets blue, her eyes get gray and cloudy,
Then the rain begins to fall, pitter-patter, pitter-patter,
Love is gone, so what can matter,
No sweet lover man comes to call.

When Sunny gets blue, she breaths a sigh of sadness,
Like the wind that stirs the trees,
Wind that sets the leaves to swaying
Like some violin is playing strange and haunting melodies.

People used to love to hear her laugh, see her smile,
That's how she got her name.
Since that sad affair, she lost her smile, changed her style,
Somehow she's not the same.

But memories will fade, and pretty dreams will rise up
Where her other dreams fell through,
Hurry new love, hurry here, to kiss away each lonely tear,
And hold her near when Sunny gets blue.

Nat “King” Cole

Anita O'Day(When Sunny Gets Blue)
Anita O'Day

Chris Connor(When Sunny Gets Blue) 
Chris Connor

Blossom Dearie(When Sunny Gets Blue) 
Blossom Dearie

Barbra Streisand(When Sunny Gets Blue)
Barbra Streisand

Nat "King" Cole

Anita O'Day

Chris Connor

Blossom Dearie

Barbra Streisand

Sarah Vaughan

Carmen McRae

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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