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This Time the Dream's on Me

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Harold Arlen

The song was publishe 1941.

It was written for the 1941 film Blues in the Night,
Priscilla Lane sings the song.
It is pretty difficult to sing, but one of the very best to listen to.

Blues in the Night

Somewhere, someday
We'll be close together, wait and see
Oh by the way,
This time the dream's on me

You take my hand
And you look at me adoringly
But as things stand
This time the dream's on me

It would be fun
To be certain that I'm the one
To know that I, at least, supply the shoulder you cry upon

To see you through
Till you're everything you want to be
It can't be true, but
This time the dream's on me

Priscilla Lane(This Time the Dream's on Me)
Priscilla Lane

Nancy Wilson(This Time the Dream's on Me)
Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald(This Time the Dream's on Me)
Ella Fitzgerald

June Christy(This Time the Dream's on Me)
June Christy

Annie Ross(This Time the Dream's on Me)
Annie Ross

Priscilla Lane

Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald

June Christy

Annie Ross with Gerry Mulligan Quartet

Alison Krauss

Harry Connick Jr.

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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