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I'm Through With Love

Lyrics:Gus Kahn
Music:Joseph A. Livingstone, Matt Malneek

The song was publishe 1931.

Later renditions were given by Nat King Cole; Lorez Alexandria;
Woody Allen; Ray Anthony; Chet Baker; Marjorie Barnes;
King Cole Trio; Marlene Cord; Howard Crosby;
Lester Deane & the Jazz Masters; Johnny Desmond;
Vic Dickenson; Dion & the Belmonts; Ray Eberle & his Orchestra;
Ziggy Elman & his Orchestra; Eileen Farrell; Helen Forrest;
Johnny Frigo; Dizzy Gillespie; Genie Grant;
Coleman Hawkins & his Orchestra; Lena Horne; Dick Hyman;
Keith Jarrett; Etta Jones; Mike Jones; Sammy Kaye;
Barney Kessell; Diana Krall; Jack Lemmon; Enoch Light;
Magnolia Jazz Band; Govanni Mazzarino; Dave McKenna;
Marilyn Monroe; John Pizzarelli; Arthur Prysock; Little Jimmy Scott;
Ray Sherman; Dinah Shore; Maxine Sullivan; Russ Tomkins;
Russ Tyrell; Steve Tyrell; Sarah Vaughan; Charlie Ventura;
Roseanna Vitro; Per Henrik Walin; Ben Waltzer; George Wein;
Joe Williams; and A Head In The Sky.

Marilyn Monroe sings the song in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot.

Some Like It Hot

I have given you my true love,
But you love a new love.
What am I supposed to do now
With you now, you're through now
You'll be on your merry way
And there's only this to say. . .

I'm through with love. I'll never fall again.
Said adieu to love, don't ever call again.
For I must have you or no one
And so I'm through with love.

I've locked my heart I'll keep my feelings there.
I have stocked my heart with icy, frigid air.
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love.

Why did you lead me to think you could care?
You didn't need me for you had your share
Of slaves around you to hound you and swear
With deep emotion and devotion to you.

Goodbye to spring and all it meant to me
It can never bring the thing that used to be.
For I must have you or no one
And so I'm through with love.

Marilyn Monroe(I'm Through With Love)
Marilyn Monroe

Sarah Vaughan(I'm Through With Love)
Sarah Vaughan

Susanna Bartilla(I'm Through With Love)
Susanna Bartilla

Lena Horne(I'm Through With Love)
Lena Horne

Bing Crosby(I'm Through With Love)
Bing Crosby

Marilyn Monroe

Sarah Vaughan

Susanna Bartilla

Lena Horne

Bing Crosby

Dinah Washington

Jane Monheit

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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