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I'm Old Fashioned

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Jerome Kern

The song was publishe 1942.

It was written for the film You Were Never Lovelier (1942),
where it was introduced by Nan Wynn who dubbed for Rita Hayworth
as part of a song and dance routine with Fred Astaire.

The first recording was made in 1942 by Astaire with John Scott Trotter
and his orchestra (Decca 18490).
It was then sung by Judy Garland, Dinah Shore, Julie Andrews,
Andy Williams, Blossom Dearie, The King Sisters,
and since the 1980s by artists like Cassandra Wilson,
Maria João (both as up-tempo tunes), Stacey Kent and Victoria Williams.
It was also part of the early crossover attempt
by classical soprano Eileen Farrell in 1960
with her album I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues.
Jessye Norman followed her example in 1984 (With a Song in My Heart).

You Were Never Lovelier

Astaire and Hayworth

I am not such a clever one
About the latest fads
I admit I was never one
Adored by local lads

Not that I ever try to be a saint
I'm the type that they classify as quaint

I'm old fashioned
I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things

The sound of rain
Upon a window pane
The starry song that april sings

This years fancies
Are passing fancies
But sighing sighs, holding hands
These my heart understands

I'm old fashioned
But I don't mind it
That's how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me

I'm old fashioned
But I don't mind it
That's how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me

Oh won't you stay old fashioned with me
Oh please stay old fashioned with me

Fred Astaire(I'm Old Fashioned)
Fred Astaire

Ella Fitzgerald(I'm Old Fashioned)
Ella Fitzgerald

Blossom Dearie(I'm Old Fashioned)
Blossom Dearie

Margaret Whiting(I'm Old Fashioned)
Margaret Whiting

Dinah Shore(I'm Old Fashioned)
Dinah Shore

Fred Astaire And Rita Hayworth

Ella Fitzgerald

Blossom Dearie

Margaret Whiting

Dinah Shore

Stacey Kent

Judy Garland

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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