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Oh! Look at Me Now

Lyrics:John DeVries
Music:Joe Bushkin

The song was publishe 1941.

It is strongly associated with Frank Sinatra,
who first recorded it with Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra,
in an arrangement by Sy Oliver.
Sinatra re-recorded the song for his 1957 A Swingin' Affair!,
this time arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle.

I'm not the guy who cared about love
And I'm not the guy who cared about fortunes and such
I never cared much
Oh, look at me now

I never knew the technique of kissin'
I never knew the thrill I could get from your touch
Never knew much
Oh, look at me now

I'm a new man better than Casanova at his best
With a new heart, brand new start
I'm so proud I'm bustin' my vest

So I'm the guy who turned out a lover

So I'm the guy who laughed at those blue diamond rings
One of those things
Oh, look at me now

Frank Sinatra(Oh! Look at Me Now)
Frank Sinatra

Lee Wiley(Oh! Look at Me Now)
Lee Wiley

Nancy Wilson(Oh! Look at Me Now)
Nancy Wilson

Sophie Milman(Oh! Look at Me Now)
Sophie Milman

Jo Stafford(Oh! Look at Me Now)
Jo Stafford

Frank Sinatra

Lee Wiley

Nancy Wilson – vocals
George Shearing – piano
Dick Garcia – guitar
Warren Chiasson – vibraphone
Ralph Pena – double bass
Armando Peraza – percussion
Vernel Fournier – drums

Sophie Milman

Jo Staffords

Peggy Lee

Helen Forrest & Benny Goodman

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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