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Isn't It Romantic?

Lyrics:Lorenz Hart
Music:Richard Rodgers

The song was publishe 1932.

The song was originally written for a 1932's film, "Love Me Tonight".

It has a 32-bar chorus in ABAC form. Alec Wilder,
in his book American Popular Song: The Great Innovators 1900-1950,
calls it "a perfect song."

Love Me Tonight

Isn't it romantic?
Music in the night, a dream that can be heard.
Isn't it romantic?
Moving shadows write the oldest magic word.
I hear the breezes playing in the trees up above
While all the world is saying you were meant for love.

Isn't it romantic
Merely to be young on such a night as this?
Isn't it romantic?
Every note that's sung is like a lover's kiss.
Sweet symbols in the moonlight,
Do you mean that I will fall in love perchance?
Isn't it romance?

Ella Fitzgerald(Isn't It Romantic?) 
Ella Fitzgerald

Nancy Gilliland(Isn't It Romantic?)
Nancy Gilliland

Carmen McRae(Isn't It Romantic?)
Carmen McRae

Betty Carter(Isn't It Romantic?)
Betty Carter

Mel Tormé(Isn't It Romantic?)
Mel Tormé

Ella Fitzgerald

Betty Carter

Mel Tormé

Tony Bennett

Lucia Palmieri

Steve Tyrell

Elizabeth Evans

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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