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It's Always You

Lyrics ,Music:Johnny Burke, James van Heusen

The song was publishe 1941.

It's a song from a film, "Road To Zanzibar".

It's too much beautiful for a comedy, though,
The writers was very marvelous:
Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen wrote it.

Road To Zanzibar

Whenever it's early twilight,
I watch till a star breaks through
Funny, it's not a star I see,
It's always you.

Whenever I roam through roses,
And lately I often do
Funny, it's not a rose I touch,
It's always you

If a breeze caresses me,
It's really you strolling by
If I hear a melody,
It's merely the way you sigh

Wherever you are near me,
You dare me to be untrue
Funny, each time I fall in love,
It's always you

Frank Sinatra(It's Always You) 
Frank Sinatra

Dinah Shore(It's Always You)
Dinah Shore

Vera Lynn(It's Always You)
Vera Lynn

June Christy(It's Always You) 
June Christy

Bing Crosby(It's Always You) 
Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra

Bing Crosby

Susie Arioli

Benny Goodman and Helen Forrest

Lola Albright

Chet Baker

Glenn Miller

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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