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Then I'll Be Tired Of You

Lyrics ,Music:Yip Harburg ,Arthur Schwartz

The song was publishe 1933.

There must be a few that knows it, I guess.
If you knew the song, you must be an expert on American pops.
I often used to be happened to meet this tune.
This is the time to be happened again.

If you didn't know it, please hear this time.

You look at me and wonder
You look at me and doubt
Darling your eyes are asking
Will the flame burn out
No one is sure of sunshine
No one is sure of dawn
But I am sure my love will last
On and on

I'll be tired of you
When stars are tired of gleaming
When I am tired of dreaming
Then I'll be tired of you

This I know is true
When wind is tired of blowing
When grass is tired of growing
Then I'll be tired of you

Beyond the years
'Til day is night, 'til wrong is right
'Til birds refuse to sing
Beyond the years
The echo of my only love will still be whispering

And if my throbbing heart
Should ever start repeating
That it is tired of beating
Then I'll be tired of you

Peggy Lee(Then I'll Be Tired Of You)
Peggy Lee

Keely Smith(Then I'll Be Tired Of You)
Keely Smith

Ethel Ennis(Then I'll Be Tired Of You) 
Ethel Ennis

Sarah Vaughan(Then I'll Be Tired Of You)
Sarah Vaughan

Dinah Shore(Then I'll Be Tired Of You)
Dinah Shore

Peggy Lee

Keely Smith

Sarah Vaughan

Dinah Shore

Ella Fitzgerald

Marion Montgomery

Gloria Lynne

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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