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How Are Things in Glocca Morra?

Lyrics:E. Y. Harburg
Music:Burton Lane

The song was publishe 1946.

It was introduced by Ella Logan in the original Broadway production
of Finian's Rainbow.

There is no actual Glocca Morra in Ireland (though there is a Glockamara).
In a television interview late in his life,
Harburg revealed that the name "Glocca Morra" was made up
by composer Lane, who had devised a dummy lyric beginning with the line,
"There's a glen in Glocca Morra".
Harburg liked the name but insisted on changing the line to,
"How are things in Glocca Morra?", as this is more personal
and immediately evocative of nostalgia and homesickness. However,
James Stephens' work, The Crock of Gold (first published in 1912)
refers to "the leprechauns of Gort na Gloca Mora"
("the field of the big rock" in Gaelic),
and there would appear to be little doubt that this formed the basis
for the place-name of the song's title.

Finian's Rainbow 

I hear a bird, Londonderry bird,
It well may be he's bringing me a cheering word.
I hear a breeze, a River Shanon breeze,
It well may be it's followed me across the seas.
Then tell me please:

How are things in Glocca Morra?
Is that little brook still leaping there?
Does it still run down to Donny cove?
Through Killybegs, Kilkerry and Kildare?

How are things in Glocca Mora?
Is that willow tree still weeping there?
Does that lassie with the twinklin' eye
Come smilin' by and does she walk away,
Sad and dreamy there not to see me there?

So I ask each weepin' willow and each brook along the way,
And each lass that comes a-sighin'
How are things in Glocca Morra
This fine day?

Julie Andrews(How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
Julie Andrews

Judy Collins(How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
Judy Collins

Bing Crosby(How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
Bing Crosby

Rosemary Clooney(How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
Rosemary Clooney

Barbra Streisand(How Are Things in Glocca Morra?)
Barbra Streisand

Julie Andrews

Bing Crosby

Rosemary Clooney

Barbra Streisand

Petula Clark

Joni James

Kitty Kallen

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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