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If I Should Lose You

Lyrics:Leo Robin
Music:Ralph Rainger

The song was publishe 1936.

It was introduced in the 1936 film Rose of the Rancho.

As I have searched the film in the net, there is no farther data at all.
The tune was written by the team who also wrote "Easy Living"
and "Thanks For the Memory".

Anyway, the song is so famous as the one of the most important
standards in Jazz.
It's the kind of mad-fallen love songs.
This time we have so many proposals. Just take it easy, please.

Rose of the Rancho 

If I should lose you
The stars would fall from the sky
If I should lose you
Leaves would wither and die

The birds in May-time - they'd sing a mournful refrain
And I would wander around - hating the sound of rain

With you beside me
The rose would bloom in the snow
With you beside me
No winds of winter would blow

I gave you my love - and I was living a dream
But living would seem - in vain if I - -
Hating the rain - if I - -
All is in vain if I - -
If I ever lost you

   Peggy Lee(If I Should Lose You)
Peggy Lee

Chris Connor(If I Should Lose You) 
Chris Connor

Nina Simone(If I Should Lose You) 
Nina Simone

Shirley Horn(If I Should Lose You)
Shirley Horn

Julie London(If I Should Lose You)
Julie London

Chris Connor

Nina Simon

Julie London

Carmen McRae

Salena Jones

The Four Freshmen

Regina Belle

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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