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With a Song in My Heart

Lyrics:Richard Rodgers
Music:Lorenz Hart

The song was publishe 1929.

I thought that I had written this song before, but I hadn't done yet!
This is the song of a bio-film of Jane Froman,
"With A Song in My Heart" (1957).
The song had been already written for a Broadway Show named
"Spring Is Here " (1929).
In the film, Susan Hayward sings but dubbed by Ms. Froman herself.

With a Song in My Heart 

Though I know that we meet ev'ry night
And we couldn't heve change since the last time,
To my joy and delight,
It's a new kind of love at first sight.
Though it's you and it's I all the time
Ev'ry meeting's marvelous pastime.
You're increasingly sweet,
So whenever we happened to met
I greet you ...

With a song in my heart
I behold your adorable face.
Just a song at the start
But it soon is a hymn to your grace.
When the music swells
I'm touching you hand
It tells that your're standing near, and ..

At the sound of your voice
Heaven opens his portals to me.
Can I help but rejoice
That a song such as ours came to be?
But I always knew
I would live life through
With a song in my heart for you.

Perry Como(With a Song in My Heart)
Perry Como

Dinah Washington(With a Song in My Heart) 
Dinah Washington

Ella Fitzgerald(With a Song in My Heart)
Ella Fitzgerald

Doris Day(With a Song in My Heart)
Doris Day

Jane Froman(With a Song in My Heart)

Jane Froman

Perry Como

Dinah Washington

Ella Fitzgerald

Doris Day

Jane Froman

Frank Sinatra

José Carreras

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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