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Close Your Eyes

Lyrics ,Music:Bernice Petkere

The song was publishe 1933.

The song is featured in the film The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971),
during a murder scene, and in the 1996 BBC TV detective series
"The Mrs Bradley Mysteries" which starred Diana Rigg.
The song was the end of transmission tune of Radio MonteCarlo in the '60's.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes 

Hush, my child
Don't you cry
Go to sleep you little baby
When you awake you will have
All the pretty little horsies

Close your eyes,
Rest your head on my shoulder and sleep
Close your eyes,
And I will close mine.

Close your eyes,
Let's pretend that we're both counting sheep
Close your eyes,
This is divine!

Music, play something dreamy for dancing
While we're here romancing
It's love's holiday and love will be our guide

Close your eyes,
When you open them dear I'll be near
By your side,
So won't you close your eyes?

Ella Fitzgerald(Close Your Eyes)
Ella Fitzgerald

Doris Day(Close Your Eyes)
Doris Day

Peggy Lee(Close Your Eyes)
Peggy Lee

Betty Carter(Close Your Eyes)
Betty Carter

Stacey Kent(Close Your Eyes) 
Stacey Kent

Ella Fitzgerald

Doris Day

Betty Carter

Stacey Kent

Ruth Etting

Jeanie Bryson

Connie Evingson

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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