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On Green Dolphin Street

Lyrics:Ned Washington
Music:Bronisław Kaper

The song was publishe 1947.

The song, composed for the film Green Dolphin Street
(which was based on a 1944 novel of the same name by Elizabeth Goudge),
went on to become a jazz standard after being recorded
by Miles Davis in 1958.

Green Dolphin Street

It seems like a dream
Yet I know it happened
A man made a kiss
And then goodbye
Romance was the theme and
We were the prayers
I never think of this without a sigh

One lovely day,
Love came planning to stay
Green Dolphin Street supplied the setting
The setting for nights beyond forgetting

And through these moments apart
Memories live in my heart
When I recall the love I found on
I could kiss the ground on
Green Dolphin Street.

Carmen McRae(On Green Dolphin Street)
Carmen McRae

Sarah Vaughan(On Green Dolphin Street)
Sarah Vaughan

Dakota Staton(On Green Dolphin Street)
Dakota Staton

Nancy Wilson(On Green Dolphin Street)
Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald(On Green Dolphin Street)
Ella Fitzgerald

Carmen McRae

Sarah Vaughan

Dakota Staton

Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass


Tony Bennett

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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