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My Shining Hour

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Harold Arlen

The song was publishe 1943.

It was written for the 1943 film The Sky's the Limit,
where it was introduced by Sally Sweetland - who dubbed
for Joan Leslie - backed by Freddie Slack and his orchestra.
It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song.
The song became a hit, in a version recorded by
Glen Gray with Eugenie Baird as vocalist, but only slowly,
taking four months to achieve recognition on Your Hit Parade
having entered the charts on January 22, 1944
(the film was premiered on September 2, 1943).
The song's title, and opening line: "This will be my shining hour",
is believed to have been a reference to Winston Churchill's famous rallying
call to British citizens during the war: "This will be our finest hour".

The Sky's the Limit

This moment, this minute
And each second in it
Will leave a glow upon the sky
And as time goes by, it will never die

This will be my shining hour
Calm and happy and bright
And in my dreams, your face will flower
Through the darkness of the night

Like the lights of home before me
Or an angel, who's watching o'er me
This will be my shining hour
'til I'm with you again

(Like the lights of home before me)
(Or an angel watching o'er me)
This will be my shining hour
'til I'm with you... again

Nancy Wilson(My Shining Hour)
Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald(My Shining Hour) 
Ella Fitzgerald

Peggy Lee(My Shining Hour)
Peggy Lee

June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet(My Shining Hour)
June Christy with the Lou Levy Sextet

Barbra Streisand(My Shining Hour)
Barbra Streisand

Nancy Wilson

Ella Fitzgerald

June Christy

Barbra Streisand

Sara Gazarek

Margaret Whiting & Michael Feinstein

Fred Astaire & Joan Leslie

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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