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Day by Day

Lyrics:Sammy Cahn
Music:Axel Stordahl ,Paul Weston

The song was publishe 1945.

Axel Stordahl, song you are listening to the two of Paul Weston is composed,
with a story that Sammy Cahn gave a poem on the spot.

Axel Stordahl the friends of Frank Sinatra,
Paul Weston Where you gift a song to Joe Stafford of his wife,
was a big hit.

Day by day, I'm falling more in love with you
And day by day, my love seems to grow
There isn't any end to my devotion
It's deeper, dear, by far than any ocean

I find that
Day by day you're making all my dreams come true
So, come what may, I want you to know
I'm yours alone, and I'm in love to stay
As we go through the years day by day

I'm yours alone, and I'm in love to stay
As we go through the years day by day

The Four Freshmen(Day by Day)
The Four Freshmen

Claudia Morris(Day by Day)
Claudia Morris

Doris Day(Day by Day)
Doris Day

Sarah Vaughan(Day by Day)
Sarah Vaughan

Carmen McRae(Day by Day)
Carmen McRae

The Four Freshmen

Doris Day

Sarah Vaughan

Carmen McRae

Maki Maggie Inouye(vo)
Hiro Kawashima(tp)
Kiyoshi Morita(p)
Mitsukuni Tanabe(g)
Yuji Matsumoto(b)
Somy Masakazu(ds)

Indra Lesmana Quintet ft. Jenny De Fretes

Chrys Page, vocalist
Eddie Olivares Jr., tenor sax
Kurt Warren, Guitar
Dick Otis, piano
Joe Gallardo, trombone
Ricky Malicki, Drums
Nick Statos, Bass

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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