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What Is This Thing Called Love?

Lyrics ,Music:Cole Porter

The song was publishe 1929.

What Is This Thing Called Love?" is a 1929 popular song written
by Cole Porter, for the musical Wake Up and Dream.
It was first performed by Elsie Carlisle in March 1929.
The song has become a popular jazz standard
and one of Porter's most often played compositions.

Wake Up and Dream ran for 263 shows in London.
The show was also noticed in New York,
and the critics praised Tilly Losch's performance of the song.
The show was produced on Broadway in December 1929;
in the American rendition, "What Is This Thing Called Love"
was sung by Frances Shelley.
Ginny Simms performed the song in the 1946 biographical film
about Porter's life, Night and Day.

Wake Up and Dream

Night and Day

I was a humdrum person
Leading a life apart
When love flew in through my window wide
And quickened my hum-drum heart
Love flew in through my window
I was so happy then
But after love had stayed a little while
Love flew out again

What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?
I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That's why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called love?

You gave me days of sunshine
You gave me nights of cheer
You made my life an enchanted dream
'Til somebody else came near
Somebody else came near you
I felt the winter's chill
And now I sit and wonder night and day
Why I love you still?

Ella Fitzgerald(What Is This Thing Called Love?)
Ella Fitzgerald

Lena Horne(What Is This Thing Called Love?)
Lena Horne

Billie Holiday(What Is This Thing Called Love?)
Billie Holiday

Sarah Vaughan(What Is This Thing Called Love?)
Sarah Vaughan

Anita O'Day(What Is This Thing Called Love?)
Anita O'Day

Ella Fitzgerald

Lena Horne

Billie Holiday

Sarah Vaughan

Anita O'Day

Dinah Washington

Barbra Streisand

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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