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A Song for You

Lyrics ,Music:Leon Russell

The song was publishe 1970.

A slow, pained plea for forgiveness and understanding
from an estranged lover, the tune is one of Russell's best-known compositions.
It has been performed and recorded by an array of artists,
spanning many musical genres.
Elton John has called the song an American classic.

One of the first versions of the song that brought it broader attention was
by Andy Williams, whose single peaked
at #29 on the adult contemporary chart
and #82 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971.

I've been so many places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs I've made some bad rhyme
I've acted out my love in stages
With ten thousand people watching
But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you

I know your image of me is what I hope to be
I've treated you unkindly but baby can't you see
There's no one more important to me
Darlin' can't you please see through me
Cause we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you

You taught me precious secrets of the truth with holding nothing
You came out in front and I was hiding
But now I'm so much better and if my words don't come together
Listen to the melody cause my love is in there hiding

I love you in a place where there's no space or time
I love you for in my life you are a friend of mine
And when my life is over
Remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singing this song for you

Leon Russell(A Song for You)
Leon Russell

Amy Winehouse(A Song for You)
Amy Winehouse

Whitney Houston(A Song for You)
Whitney Houston

Carmen McRae(A Song for You)
Carmen McRae

Peggy Lee(A Song for You)
Peggy Lee

Leon Russell & Friends

Amy Winehouse

Whitney Houston

Carmen McRae

Peggy Lee

Andy Williams

Ray Charles

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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