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I'm Glad There Is You

Lyrics ,Music:Jimmy Dorsey ,Paul Madeira
(sometimes credited as Paul Mertz)

The song was publishe 1941.

The song was originally released by Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
in 1942 as Decca 4197B, Matrix # 70088A,
backed with "Tomorrow's Sunrise" featuring Bob Eberly on vocals.

Said I, many times, love is illusion,
A feeling result of confusion.
With knowing smile, and blazing sigh,
A cynical so-and-so was I.

I felt so sure, so positive,
So utterly, unchangingly certain.
But I never was aware of love and you,

And suddenly I realized
There was love and you,
And I, and . . .

In this world of ordinary people
Extraordinary people
I'm glad there is you

In this world of over-rated pleasures
Of under-rated treasures
I'm so glad there is you

I live to love, I love to live with you beside me
This role so new, I'll muddle through with you to guide me

In this world where many, many play at love
And hardly any stay in love
I'm glad there is you

More than ever, I'm glad there is you

Gloria Lynne(I'm Glad There Is You)
Gloria Lynne

Ella Fitzgerald(I'm Glad There Is You)
Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughan(I'm Glad There Is You)
Sarah Vaughan

Carmen McRae(I'm Glad There Is You)
Carmen McRae

Natalie Cole(I'm Glad There Is You)
Natalie Cole

Gloria Lynne

Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown

Carmen McRae

Natalie Cole

Julie London

June Christy

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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