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My Ideal

Lirics:Leo Robin
Music:Richard A. Whiting ,Newell Chase

The song was publishe 1930.

This a beautiful ballad that has been performed
and recorded by some of the greatest in jazz, both contemporary
and non-contemporary.
On this tune there tends to be some different interpretations
of the chordal harmony.
What we have provided for you in the chord charts below
are what we consider to be the most common and basic changes.
We left a few different options as well,
however it is important that you listen to as many recordings
as possible to make your own conclusion.
This tune is most commonly played in the key of Eb major.

Long ago my heart and mind
Got together and designed
The wonderful girl for me
Oh what a fantasy

Thought the ideal of my heart
Can't be ordered a la carte
I wonder if she will be
Always a fantasy

Will I ever find the girl on my mind,
The one who is my ideal
Maybe she's a dream, and yet she might be
Just around the corner waiting for me.

Will I recognize the light in her eyes,
That no other eyes reveal
Or will I pass her by
And never even know that she is my ideal.

Sarah Vaughan(My Ideal)
Sarah Vaughan

Margaret Whiting(My Ideal)
Margaret Whiting

Sue Raney(My Ideal)
Sue Raney

Dinah Washington(My Ideal)
Dinah Washington

Chris Connor(My Ideal)
Chris Connor

Sarah Vaughan

Margaret Whiting

Sue Raney

Chris Connor

Bing Crosby

Susannah McCorkle

Maxine Sullivan

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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