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He's Funny That Way

Lyrics:Richard A. Whiting
Music:Neil Moret

The song was publishe 1928.

It is a tune of 1928.
As in the previous economic upheaval,
or of trying to balance it on the cultural, calm atmosphere will flow.
It is a tune that could be around 13 years old and Billy Holiday.
But Billy was coming to an end childhood anymore, later in life,
when you sing this song, considering the age of then,
it might have been remembered a happy little mood.

I'm not much to look at, nothin' to see
Just glad I'm livin' and lucky to be
I got a man, crazy for me
He's funny that way

I can't save a dollar, ain't worth a cent
He doesn't holler, he'd live in a tent
I got a man, crazy for me
He's funny that way

Though he loves to work and slave for me everyday
He'd be so much better off if I went away

But why should I leave him, why should I go?
He'd be unhappy without me, I know
I've got that man mad about me
He's funny that way

How can see no other way and no better plan
End it all and let him go to some other day

But I'm only human, a coward at best
I'm more than certain he'd follow me West
I've got that man crazy for me
He's funny that way

Billie Holiday(He's Funny That Way)
Billie Holiday

June Christy(He's Funny That Way)
June Christy

Margaret Whiting(He's Funny That Way)
Margaret Whiting

Rosemary Clooney(He's Funny That Way)
Rosemary Clooney

Kay Starr(He's Funny That Way)
Kay Starr

Billie Holiday

June Christy

Margaret Whiting

Sunny Gale

Ella Fitzgerald

Etta James

Liza Minnelli

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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