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The Song Is You

Lyrics:Oscar Hammerstein II
Music:Jerome Kern

The song was publishe 1932.

It was written for their musical Music in the Air (1932)
and sung in that show by Tullio Carminati.
In later years the song became often associated with Frank Sinatra.

"The Song Is You" is the recurring musical theme of the 2003
Guy Maddin film The Saddest Music in the World.
Nine different versions of the song were arranged for the film
by composer Christopher Dedrick, whose work received a Genie Award.

I hear music when I look at you,
A beautiful theme of every dream I ever knew.
Down deep in my heart I hear it play;
I feel it start, then melt away.

I hear music when I touch your hand;
A beautiful melody from some enchanted land.
Down deep in my heart, I hear it say,
Is this the day?

I alone have heard this lovely strain,
I alone have heard this glad refrain:
Must it be forever inside of me?
Why can't I let it go?
Why can't I let you know,

Why can't I let you know the song my heart would sing?
That beautiful rhapsody of love and youth and spring,
The music is sweet, the words are true
The song is you.

Frank Sinatra(The Song Is You)
Frank Sinatra

Anita O'Day(The Song Is You)
Anita O'Day

Nancy Wilson(The Song Is You)
Nancy Wilson

Margaret Whiting(The Song Is You)
Margaret Whiting

Gloria Lynne(The Song Is You)
Gloria Lynne

Frank Sinatra

Anita O'Day (vocal)
Joe Masters (piano)
Larry Woods (bass)
John Poole (drums)

Nancy Wilson

Gloria Lynne

Doris Day

Greta Matassa (vocals)
Darin Clendenin (piano)
Clipper Anderson (bass)
Steve Bornes (drums)

Vo:Wendy Kimball
As:Chuck Wilson, Mike Migliore
Ts:Frank Wess, Ted Nash
Bs:Sol Schlinger
Tp:Glenn Drewes, Randy Sandke, Spanky Davis, Bob Millikan
Tb:Joel Helleny, Eddie Bert, Paul Faulise
P:Marty Napoleon
B:Murray Wall
Ds:Butch Miles

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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