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Prelude to a Kiss

Lyrics:Irving Gordon ,Irving Mills
Music:Duke Ellington

The song was publishe 1938.

On August 9, 1938, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra,
featuring Johnny Hodges,
recorded "Prelude to a Kiss" for the Brunswick label.
A second version was recorded fifteen days later for the Vocalion label.
This time it was by Johnny Hodges
and His Orchestra with vocalist Mary McHugh.

If you hear a song in blue
Like a flower crying for the dew
That was my heart serenading you
My prelude to a kiss

If you hear a song that grows
From my tender sentimental woes
That was my heart trying to compose
A prelude to a kiss

Though it's just a simple melody
With nothing fancy, nothing much
You could turn it to a symphony
A Schubert tune with a Gershwin touch

Oh how my love song gently cries
For the tenderness within your eyes
My love is a prelude that never dies
A prelude to a kiss

Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra; Vocal by Mary McHugh(Prelude to a Kiss)
Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra; Vocal by Mary McHugh

Billie Holiday(Prelude to a Kiss)
Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald(Prelude to a Kiss)
Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughan(Prelude to a Kiss)
Sarah Vaughan

Nancy Wilson(Prelude to a Kiss)
Nancy Wilson

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughan

Nancy Wilson

Deborah Harry

Johnny Mathis

Duke Ellington

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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