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Love Dance

Lyrics ,Music:Paul Williams ,Ivan Lins ,Victor Martins

The song was publishe 1980.

I like the feeling of air, such like song writing of Ivan Lins.
Melody you only say Ivan Lins color.
The beautiful like this, I wonder I wish I write a stylish song.

From too much talk to silent touches
Sweet touches
We turned our hearts to love then tried it
First time romance
There in the quiet
Love learns to dance

We loved, we slept, we left the light on
The night’s gone
And morning finds us
caught in life’s most sensible trance
Turn up the quiet
Love wants to dance

Old souls find new life
In hearts that are listening like ours
And old dreams find young wings
In silence, in silence

From too much talk to loving touches
Love touches
When pure emotion takes the moment
We take the chance
Turn up the quiet
Love wants to dance
Love wants to dance

Diane Schuur(Love Dance)
Diane Schuur

Nancy Wilson(Love Dance)
Nancy Wilson

Sarah Vaughan(Love Dance)
Sarah Vaughan

Shirley Horn(Love Dance)
Shirley Horn

Sue Matthews(Love Dance)
Sue Matthews

Diane Schuur

Nancy Wilson

Sarah Vaughan

Gisella Ferrarin (vocal)
Roberto Gorgazzini (piano)
Roberto Dellantonio (doublebass)

Jeanie Bryson

Maya Nova (vocal)
Rick Margitza (tenor saxophone)
Dimitar Bodurov (piano)
Tchavdar Natchev-Peno (bass)
Dimitar Dimitrov (drums)

Maria Mendes

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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