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Lyrics:Newton Mendonca ,Norman Gimbel
Music:Antonio Carlos Jobim

The song was publishe 1962.

First released on Gilberto and Jobim (1960) Antonio Carlos Jobim
teamed up early in his career with a childhood friend
and nightclub pianist, Newton Mendonca,
and lyricist Norman Gimbel for the gracefully beautiful
"Meditacao (Meditation)."
Joao Gilberto and Jobim more or less invented bossa nova together.
An amalgam of the Brazilian samba and American (particularly West Coast)
jazz influences, bossa nova became extremely popular
in the United States after Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd unleashed
their 1962 version of Jobim's "Desafinado."
Jazz vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra started to take
on Jobim's material, in the process making many of his song's standards,
alternative repertoire to the Broadway show tunes
and Tin Pan Alley fare that had made up most of the Great American Songbook.

In my loneliness
When you're gone and I'm all by myself and I need your carress
I just think of you
And the thought of you holding me near
Makes my loneliness soon disappear

Though you're far away
I have only to close my eyes and you are back to stay
I just close my eyes
And the sadness that missing you brings
Soon is gone and this heart of mine sings

Yes I love you so
And that for me is all I need to know

I will wait for you till the sun falls from out of the sky
for what else can I do
I will wait for you
Meditating how sweet life will be when you come back to me

Antonio Carlos Jobim(Meditation)
Antonio Carlos Jobim

Lena Horne(Meditation)
Lena Horne

Shirley Horn(Meditation)
Shirley Horn

Astrud Gilberto(Meditation)
Astrud Gilberto

Connie Evingson(Meditation)
Connie Evingson

Antonio Carlos Jobim

Lena Horne

Astrud Gilberto

Connie Evingson

Davis, Frishman, & Leigh

Katchie Cartwright


"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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