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You Turned the Tables on Me

Lyrics:Sidney D Mitchell
Music:Louis Alter

The song was publishe 1936.

The song was introduced by Alice Faye in the musical film Sing, Baby, Sing.
The most popular recording was by Helen Ward
with the Benny Goodman orchestra.
It has since been recorded by numerous pop and jazz vocalists and orchestras.

I used to be the apple of your eye
I had yo with me every day,
But now whenever you are passing by
You're always looking the other way
It's little things like this
That prompt me to say:

You turned the tables on me
And now I'm falling for you;
You turned the tables on me
I can't believe that it's true

I always thought when you brought
The lovely present you bought
Why hadn't you brought me more,

But now if you'd come
I'd welcome anything
From the five and ten cent store,

You used to call me the top
You put me up on a throne
You let me fall with a drop
And now I'm out on my own.

But after thinking it over and over,
I got what was coming to me
Just like the sting of a bee
You turned the tables on me.

Billie Holiday(You Turned the Tables on Me)
Billie Holiday

Anita O'Day(You Turned the Tables on Me)
Anita O'Day

Count Basie & Sarah Vaughan(You Turned the Tables on Me)
Count Basie & Sarah Vaughan

Eydie Gormé(You Turned the Tables on Me)
Eydie Gormé

Ann Hampton Callaway(You Turned the Tables on Me)
Ann Hampton Callaway

Billie Holiday

Anita O'Day

Sarah Vaughan & Count Basie

Ann Hampton Callaway

Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass

Angela Hagenbach (vocals)
Tamir Hendelman (piano)
Danny Embrey (guitar)
Dan Lutz (bass)
Doug Auwarter (drums)

Charmaine Jones and Mike Bevan

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

My poor blog this week week term relationship with top
Thank you

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