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P.S. I Love You

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Gordon Jenkins

The song was publishe 1934.

he original hit version in the 1930s was recorded by Rudy Vallée.
It was revived in the 1950s by The Hilltoppers
and in the 1960s by The Vogues,
and again in 1984 by country music singer Tom T. Hall.
A number of other versions have also been recorded.

Dear, I thought I'd drop a line.
The weather's cool. The folks are fine.
I'm in bed each night at nine.
P.S. I love you.

Yesterday we had some rain,
but all in all I can't complain.
Was it dusty on the train?
P.S. I love you.

Write to the Browns just as soon as you're able.
They came around to call.
I burned a hole in the dining room table.
And let me see, I guess that's all.

Nothin' else for me to say,
and so I'll close. Oh, by the way,
everybody's thinkin' of you.
P.S. I love you.

I do my best to obey all your wishes.
I put a sign up. Think
now I got to buy us a new set of dishes,
or wash the ones that have piled in the sink.

Nothing else to tell you, dear.
Except, each day feels like a year.
Every night I'm dreamin' of you.
P.S. I love you.
P.S. I love you.

Billie Holiday(P.S. I Love You)
Billie Holiday

Susannah McCorkle(P.S. I Love You)
Susannah McCorkle

Bette Midler(P.S. I Love You)
Bette Midler

Bing Crosby(P.S. I Love You)
Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra(P.S. I Love You)
Frank Sinatra

Billie Holiday

Susannah McCorkle

Bette Midler

Bing Crosby

Frank Sinatra

Mel Tormé

Michela Sabia

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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