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Close Your Eyes

Lyrics ,Music:Bernice Petkere

The song was publishe 1933.

Although composer/lyricist Bernice Petkere has only two major song hits
to her credit--“Lullaby of the Leaves,”
which she wrote in 1932 with lyricist Joe Young,
and “Close Your Eyes” for which she wrote both music and lyric
in 1933--she was known as “The Queen of Tin Pan Alley.”
She had worked as a pianist for Irving Berlin’s publishing company,
written radio theme songs, and enjoyed successes
with some of her romantic songs such as “Starlight”
(recorded by Bing Crosby)
and “The Lady I Love” (recorded by Russ Colombo).

In 1956 saxophonist Lee Konitz popularized
the song among jazz musicians
and vibraphonist Cal Tjader led the way
for its inclusion in the repertoire of Latin bands.
Vocalist Arthur Prysock delivered his rendition with a swinging big band,
and Benny Goodman’s rendition appeared
in the 1996 film The Grass Harp.

Vocalist Kurt Elling’ 1995 CD titled after the song was nominated
for a Grammy, and vocalist Stacy Kent used the song as the title
cut of her 2000 CD.
“Close Your Eyes” was recorded in the ‘90s by bassist Ray Brown,
pianists Keith Jarrett and Roger Kellaway,
harmonica player Toots Thielemans, guitarist Russell Malone,
drummer Leon Parker, and conguero Poncho Sanchez.
It was recorded in 2003 by vocalist Ernie Andrews
and in 2004 by trumpeter Warren Vache
and vocalists Queen Latifah and Nola Bogle.

Music play
something dreamy for dancing
while we're here romancing
It's love's holiday
And Love will be our guide

Close your Eyes
When you open them dear
I'll be right hear by your side

Close your eyes
rest your head on my shoulder and sleep
Close your eyes
And I will close mine

Close your eyes
Let's pretend that we're both counting sheep
Close your eyes
This is divine

Music play
something dreamy for dancing
while were here romancing
It's love's holiday
And Love will be our guide

Close your Eyes
When you open them dear
I'll be near by your side
So won't you close your eyes...

Abbey Lincoln(Close Your Eyes)
Abbey Lincoln

Ella Fitzgerald(Close Your Eyes)
Ella Fitzgerald

Stacey Kent(Close Your Eyes)
Stacey Kent

Helen Merrill(Close Your Eyes)
Helen Merrill

Vera Lynn(Close Your Eyes)
Vera Lynn

Abbey Lincoln & Hank Jones

Ella Fitzgerald ft Frank Devol & His Orchestra

Stacey Kent

Doris Day

Connie Evingson

Melissa Stylianou

Jeanie Bryson

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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