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Li'l Darlin'

Lyrics ,Music:Neal Hefti

The song was publishe 1957.

“Li’l Darlin’” was written in 1957 by composer/arranger/trumpeter
Neal Hefti who arranged it for the Count Basie band
which introduced the song.
Gary Giddins, in Visions of Jazz: The First Century, says,
“In the enduring ‘Li’l Darlin’,” he [Hefti] tested the band’s
temporal mastery with a slow and simple theme that dies if it isn’t played
at exactly the right tempo. Basie never flinched.”

Hefti also wrote and arranged “Splanky” for the Basie band.
Both songs appear on the album now called Atomic Basie.
Hefti, who had previously arranged for Woody Herman also wrote
“Girl Talk” with Bobby Troup
and created the theme song for The Odd Couple.

Don't need no palace paved with gold
Don't need more cash than banks can hold
When I get to feelin' a feelin'
For something there ain't too much of
My sweet li'l darlin' gives me her love

Don't catch me chasin' round at night
I'm not impressed by glamour sights
Li'l darlin' may not be as pretty
As some other gals you can see
But my li'l darlin' only loves me

The Four Freshmen(Li'l Darlin')
The Four Freshmen

Mel Torme(Li'l Darlin')
Mel Torme

Kicks & Sticks Voices(Li'l Darlin')
Kicks & Sticks Voices

Count Basie
Count Basie

Neal Hefti & His Jazz Pops Orchestra(Li'l Darlin')
Neal Hefti & His Jazz Pops Orchestra

The Four Freshmen

Mel Tormé with The Meltones

Count Basie Orchestra

Neal Hefti

The Flat Five

Chuck Wayne

The Mark Capon Trio

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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