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St. James Infirmary

Lyrics ,Music:Traditional ,Joe Primrose

The song was publishe 1928.

“St. James Infirmary” was copyrighted in 1929 by one Joe Primrose
whom Walker confirms was a pseudonym for music publisher Irving Mills,
an associate of Duke Ellington.
The melody is the Armstrong version,
although there are other melody lines
(one of which is “Streets of Laredo”)
which Walker discovered on a disc entitled The Unfortunate Rake:
A Study In The Evolution of A Ballad,
containing 20 songs and extensive notes by Kenneth S. Goldstein.
The “Streets of Laredo” melody appears as “St.James Hospital ”
on a disc by musicologist Alan Lomax.

It was down in Old Joe's barroom,
On the corner by the square,
Drinks were being served as usual,
And a goodly crowd was there.

When up steped old joe McGuinny
His eyes were bloodshot red;
As he poured himself more wiskey,
This is what he said:

I went down to the St. James Infirmary
I saw my baby there,
Streched out on a cold white table,
So sweet, so cold, so fair.

So Let her go, let her go, God bless her;
Wherever she may be **see note**
She may search this wide world over
but she'll never find a sweet man like me.

When I die, want you to dress me in straght laced shoes
A box back coat and a Stetson hat;
Put a twenty-dollar gold piece on my watch chain
So the boys know I died standin' pat.

Louis Armstrong(St. James Infirmary)
Louis Armstrong

Lou Rawls(St. James Infirmary)
Lou Rawls

Barbara Ireland(St. James Infirmary)
Barbara Ireland

Cassandra Wilson(St. James Infirmary)
Cassandra Wilson

Della Reese(St. James Infirmary)
Della Reese

Louis Armstrong

Lou Rawls

Cassandra Wilson

Della Reese

Sasha Masakowski & The Sidewalk Strutters

Cab Calloway

Harry Connick Jr - Piano
Lucien Barbarin – Trombone

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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