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Ill Wind

Lyrics:Ted Koehler
Music:Harold Arlen

The song was publishe 1934.

While composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Ted Koehler were writing
for Harlem’s Cotton Club, they produced several hit songs,
starting with “Get Happy.”
The popular club featured prominent African-American entertainers
such as Ethel Waters, who introduced their “Stormy Weather,”
and Lena Horne, who introduced “As Long As I Live.”
“Ill Wind” was written for their last show there in 1934,
Cotton Club Parade, and was sung by Adelaide Hall.
Their collaboration which began in the late ‘20s continued
into the ‘40s when they wrote for films.

Blow, I'll wind, blow away
Let me rest today
You're blowin' me no good
No good

Go, I'll wind, go away
Skies are oh so gray
Around my neighborhood
And that's no good

You're only misleading
The sunshine I'm needing
And ain't that a shame

It's so hard to keep up
With troubles that creep up
From out of nowhere
When love's to blame

So, I'll wind, blow away
Let me rest today
You're blowin' me no good

So, ill wind, blow away,
Please let me rest today.
You're blowing me no good, no good, no good.

Billie Holiday(Ill Wind)
Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald(Ill Wind)
Ella Fitzgerald

Dinah Washington(Ill Wind)
Dinah Washington

Lena Horne(Ill Wind)
Lena Horne

Sarah Vaughan(Ill Wind)
Sarah Vaughan

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

Lena Horne

Sarah Vaughan

Lonette McKee

Dana Sweeney - vocal
Dave Anderson - sax
Owen Yen - guitar

Frank Sinatra

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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