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Blues in the Night

Lyrics:Johnny Mercer
Music:Harold Arlen

The song was publishe 1941.

“Blues in the Night” was written by composer Harold Arlen
and lyricist Johnny Mercer for a 1941 movie
originally titled Hot Nocturne which became Blues
in the Night because of the song’s appeal.
The song, nominated for an Academy Award,
was featured in the movie as background music,
as an instrumental played by the on-camera band,
and sung by William Gillespie.

The film is little known and seldom shown,
although most reviewers praise this musical drama
about a jazz band that gets involved with gangsters.
Playing band members are Priscilla Lane and Jack Carson
(husband and wife with problems),
Richard Whorf, and a young Elia Kazan.
Lloyd Nolan plays the gangster who hires them to play his club,
and Betty Field is his hard-hearted ex-girlfriend.
(The Broadway show of the same name, which opened in June, 1982,
is an entirely different production with music
by a variety of composers and lyricists.)

My mama done tol' me, when I was in knee-pants
My mama done tol' me, " son a woman'll sweet talk"
And she'll give ya the big eye, but when the sweet talkin's done
A woman's a two-face, a worrisome thing who'll leave ya to sing
the blues in the night

Now the rain's a-fallin', hear the train's a-callin,
(my mama done tol' me) hear dat lonesome whistle blowin' 'cross
the trestle, "whooee!"
(my mama done tol' me) a-whooee-ah-whooee ol' clickety-clack's
a-echoin' back thr blues in the night
The evenin' breeze will start the trees to cryin' and the moon will
hide it's light when you get the blues in the night
Take my word, the mockingbird'll sing the saddest kind o' song,
he knows things are wrong, and he's right

From natchez to mobile, from memphis to st. joe, wherever the
four winds blow
I been in some big towns an' heard me some big talk, but there
is one thing I know
A woman's a two-face, a worrisome thing who'll leave ya to sing
the blues in the night

So, let me give ya fair warnin'
You may feel fine in the mornin'
But look out for those blues in the night

Ella Fitzgerald(Blues in the Night)
Ella Fitzgerald

Dinah Shore(Blues in the Night)
Dinah Shore

Jo Stafford(Blues in the Night)
Jo Stafford

Shirley Bassey(Blues in the Night)
Shirley Bassey

Judy Garland(Blues in the Night)
Judy Garland

Ella Fitzgerald

Dinah Shore

Jo Stafford

Shirley Bassey

Judy Garland

Eva Cassidy

Amy Winehouse

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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