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She's Funny That Way

Lyrics:Richard A. Whiting
Music:Charles N. Daniels

The song was publishe 1928.

This composition of Charles N. Daniels (a.k.a. Neil Moret)
and Richard Whiting was introduced by vocalist Gene Austin
and released in early 1929 on a Victor recording.

Austin and Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards were two of the most popular
pre-Bing Crosby vocalists specializing in what was known as “crooning,”
a soft manner of singing perfectly suited to the electrical condenser microphone,
a new invention in the mid-1920s.
Austin in particular had million-seller hits in 1925
(“Yes Sir, That’s My Baby”),
in 1926 (“Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”),
and a mega-hit from 1927 (“My Blue Heaven”).
By recording “She’s Funny That Way”
in 1928 the tune was almost assured to be a hit.

I'm not much to look at, nothin' to see
Just glad I'm livin' and happy to be
I got a woman, crazy for me
She's funny that way

I can't save a dollar, ain't worth a cent
She'd never holler, she'd live in a tent
I got a woman, crazy for me
She's funny that way

Though she'd love to work and slave for me every day
She'd be so much better off if I went away

But why should I leave her, why should I go?
She'd be unhappy without me, I know
I got a woman, crazy for me
She's funny that way

When I hurt her feelin's once in a while
Her only answer is one little smile
I got a woman, crazy for me
She's funny that way

Gene Austin(She's Funny That Way)
Gene Austin

Billie Holiday(She's Funny That Way)
Billie Holiday

Nat “King” Cole(She's Funny That Way)
Nat “King” Cole

Ella Fitzgerald(She's Funny That Way)
Ella Fitzgerald

Frank Sinatra(She's Funny That Way)
Frank Sinatra

Gene Austin

Billie Holiday

Nat "King" Cole & Dave Cavanaugh and the Count Basie Band

Frank Sinatra

Tony Bennett

Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra

Billy Daniels

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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