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If I Should Lose You

Lyrics:Leo Robin
Music:Ralph Rainger

The song was publishe 1935.

The 1935 film Rose of the Rancho introduced the standard
“If I Should Lose You.”
The romantic comedy about early Spanish settlers
in California starred John Boles and Metropolitan Opera star
Gladys Swarthout in her film debut.
The film was adapted from a successful Broadway show
by David Belasco and Richard Walton Tully.
In his book Hollywood Musicals Clive Hirschhorn describes
the movie as an “uneasy mix of operetta and low comedy.”
Swarthout plays a dual role as a demure senorita who
by night disguises herself as the notorious bandit, Don Carlos,
and leads a group of vigilantes.
Although accounts of the film differ,
it appears that she was the singer who introduced
“If I Should Lose You.”

If I should lose you
The stars would fall from the sky
If I should lose you
The leaves would wither and die

The birds in Maytime
Would sing a mournful refrain
And I would wander around
Hating the sound of rain

With you beside me
The rose would bloom in the snow
With you beside me
No winds of winter would blow

I gave you my love
And I was living a dream
But living would seem in vain
If I lost you

Nina Simone(If I Should Lose You)
Nina Simone

Aretha Franklin(If I Should Lose You)
Aretha Franklin

Chris Connor(If I Should Lose You)
Chris Connor

Peggy Lee(If I Should Lose You)
Peggy Lee

Betty Carter(If I Should Lose You)
Betty Carter

Nina Simone

Aretha Franklin

Chris Connor & Stan Kenton

Carmen McRae

Claudia Thompson

Regina Belle

Salena Jones

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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