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Lyrics:Johnny Burke
Music:Jimmy Van Heusen

The song was publishe 1939.

In Great Men of American Popular Song David Ewen tells
how composer Jimmy Van Heusen’s “Imagination”
brought him to Hollywood.
“Mark Sandrich, producer of the Astaire-Ginger Rogers screen musicals,
heard the song, fell in love with it, and yelled out to one of his assistants,
‘Get me that guy!’” Lyricist Johnny Burke,
who had written the lyrics for “Imagination,”
was already established in Hollywood as a top lyricist for Bing Crosby films.
Eventually the pair worked on several of the “Road” pictures starring Crosby,
Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour.

Ewen also quotes Van Heusen’s recollection of his first meeting
with Burke at the office of the music publisher where Van Heusen worked.
“He just came into the office [Remick’s] to shoot the breeze.
He said to me, ‘Got any tunes?’ I said, ‘Sure!’
So we went and wrote ‘Oh, You Crazy Moon.’
The next time he was in, we did ‘Polka Dots and Moonbeams.’
Soon after that came ‘Imagination.’”

Imagination is funny
It makes a cloudy day sunny
It makes a bee think of honey
Just as I think of you

Imagination is crazy
Your whole perspective gets hazy
Starts you asking a daisy
What to do, what to do

Have you ever felt a gentle touch
And then a kiss, and then and then
Find it's only your imagination again

Imagination is silly
You go around willy nilly
For example I go around wanting you

Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra(Imagination)
Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

Betty Carter(Imagination)
Betty Carter

Carmen McRae(Imagination)
Carmen McRae

Ella Fitzgerald(Imagination)
Ella Fitzgerald

Jo Stafford(Imagination)
Jo Stafford

Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Carmen McRae

Ella Fitzgerald

Jo Stafford

Keely Smith

Dinah Shore

Joni James

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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