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Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy)

Lyrics:Mitchell Parish
Music:Matt Malneck ,Frank Signorelli

The song was publishe 1935.

Once the publishers had the final copy,
they began plugging the tune with various bandleaders.
The up-and-coming band led by Glenn Miller was
in a position to promote the tune.
Miller had worked with both Signorelli and Malneck during
his freelance years and was familiar with their talents.
Enlisting the aid of arranger Bill Finegan, an arrangement was made of
the number featuring vocalist Ray Eberle.
It was recorded by Victor Records May 9, 1939,
to be issued on their budget label Bluebird.
On May 17, 1939, Miller performed the tune during a live broadcast
from the Meadowbrook Ballroom in Cedar Grove, New Jersey,
and on May 29, from the Glen Island Casino in New Rochelle, New York.
This type of air play brought the number to the attention of the public,
so once the record was released there would already by a ready audience.

There's a silver trail of moonlight
Leading upward to the sky
And the night is like a velvet lullaby
There's a heaven of blue
And we'll go there just you and I

Let's build a stairway to the stars
And climb that stairway to the stars
With Love beside us
To fill the night with a song

We'll hear the sound of violins
Out yonder where the blue begins
The moon will guide us
As we go drifting along

Can't we sail away on a lazy daisy petal
Over the rim of the hill
Can't we sail away on a little dream
And settle high on the crest of a thrill

Let's build a stairway to the stars
A lovely stairway to the stars
It would be heaven
To climb to heaven with you

Glenn Miller(Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy))
Glenn Miller

Dinah Washington(Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy))
Dinah Washington

Sarah Vaughan(Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy))
Sarah Vaughan

Ella Fitzgeral(Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy))
Ella Fitzgeral

Dee Dee Bridgewater(Stairway to the Stars (Park Avenue Fantasy))
Dee Dee Bridgewater

Glenn Miller with Ray Eberle

Dinah Washington

Sarah Vaughan

Ella Fitzgerald

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Anne Ducros

The Ink Spots

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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