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C Jam Blues

Lyrics ,Music:Duke Ellington

The song was publishe 1942.

The number was introduced in a Soundie short film.
These three-minute features, produced to be shown on
a jukebox-type player, illustrated the band miming
to a pre-recorded performance.
Entitled “Jam Session” the Soundie was filmed late in 1941
along with four other Ellington numbers.
Duke introduces various band members, who then solo:
Ray Nance (violin), Ben Webster (tenor sax), Rex Stewart (cornet),
Joe “Tricky Sam” Nanton (trombone), and Sonny Greer (drums).
The complete ensemble carries the tune to its finish
with composer Bigard (clarinet) providing some improvised
upper register piping.

“C Jam Blues” was formally recorded under that title in January,
1942, for RCA Victor Records.
It continued be a staple of the Ellington repertoire,
generally featuring a handful of the soloists in the band.

Baby, take me down to Duke's place
Wildest box in town is Duke's place
Love that piano sound in Duke's place
Saxes do their tricks in Duke's place

Fellas swing their chicks in Duke's place
Come on, get your kicks in Duke's place
You find yourself a seat, and when you want to eat
You look around and yell waiter

You fill your cup chock full of dreams and drink it up
You're jetting along with your girlie
It's after three o'clock, but, baby, it's still early
If you've never been to Duke's place
Take your tootsies into Duke's place
Life is in a spin in Duke's place

Duke Ellington(C Jam Blues)
Duke Ellington

Louis Armstrong(C Jam Blues)
Louis Armstrong

Ella Fitzgerald(C Jam Blues)
Ella Fitzgerald

Nat “King” Cole(C Jam Blues)
Nat “King” Cole

Ben Webster, Buck Clayton, The Henri Chaix Quartet(C Jam Blues)
Ben Webster, Buck Clayton, The Henri Chaix Quartet

Duke Ellington

Louis Armstrong and the All Stars

Ella Fitzgerald

Norman Granz's Jazz At The Philarmonic
Roy Eldrige,Trumpet
Flip Philips,Tenor Sax
Illinois Jaquet,Tenor Sax
Oscar Peterson,Piano
Ray Brown,Bass
Herb Ellis,Guitar
Jo Jones,Drums

The Ben Webster Sextet
Buck Clayton - Trumpet
Ben Webster - Tenor Sax
Victor Dickenson - Trombone
Hank Jones - Piano
George Duvivier - Bass
Jo Jones - Drums

Cynthia Felton

Michel Petrucciani

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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