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I Remember Clifford

Lyrics:Jon Hendricks
Music:Benny Golson

The song was publishe 1957.

While Golson has composed other jazz standards,
“Killer Joe,” Stablemates,” and “Whisper Not,”
“I Remember Clifford” is his most recorded composition.
Dizzy Gillespie’s band, which included Golson,
introduced it at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1957,
and it was subsequently picked up by both instrumentalists
and vocalists: Art Farmer, the MJQ, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson,
the Jazz Messengers, Lee Morgan, Carmen McRae, and Keith Jarrett.
In 1954 vocalist Vaughan recorded Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown,
one of her most memorable albums.
She performs the song on a newly released DVD of a concert recorded
in Prague in 1978.
Helen Merrill, who also recorded with Brown in 1954,
avoided recording the song until 1994 when she featured
it in her tribute album, Brownie.
The Manhattan Transfer included it in their 1985 Vocalese album,
for which they won three of twelve Grammy nominations.
In 1992 Arturo Sandoval released an album dedicated to
Brown appropriately entitled I Remember Clifford.

I know he'll never be forgotten
He was a king uncrowned
I know I'll always remember . . .
The warmth of his sound
Lingers so long I'm sure he's still around
For those who've heard they repeat him yet
So those who hear won't forget.

Oh the sounds of his phrase
Echoes the time uncountable by days
The things he played are with us now
And they'll, and you'll,
Should time allow
Oh, yes, I remember Clifford
I seemed always hear him play somehow.

Every day I hear his lovely tone
In every trumpet sound that has a beauty all its own
So, how can we say
Someone so real is really gone away
I hear him now, I always will
Believe me I remember Clifford still.

Carmen McRae(I Remember Clifford)
Carmen McRae

Dinah Washington(I Remember Clifford)
Dinah Washington

Julie Mahendran(I Remember Clifford)
Julie Mahendran

Lisa Yves(I Remember Clifford)
Lisa Yves

The Manhattan Transfer(I Remember Clifford)
The Manhattan Transfer

Carmen McRae

Dinah Washington

Julie Mahendran

The Manhattan Transfer

Virginia Pavone & Livio Bartolo

The Modern Jazz Quartet

Benny Golson:sax tenor
Cedar Walton:piano
David Williams:bass
Jimmy Cobb:drums
Philip Harper:trumpet

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air.
You can never capture it again. "

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